Ink is cooperation.

First-class decorative printing is no accident, but a combination of your creative design and our high-quality printing inks. The results are the best possible printing conditions and long-lasting, brilliant decorative qualities.

Our decorative printing inks are the best foundation for first-class print qualities, even for difficult decorative printing. It makes no difference what challenges you give us: we will fulfil your individual wishes professionally and on schedule.
In brief: you tell us what you want to achieve, and we will develop the right ink for the job!

You too can discover the "cooperation" ingrained in our inks!

Our ink series for decorative printing:
AQUADEKOR for printing base paper, fully impregnate and pre-impregnated paper
AQUADEKOR DD for direct printing
AQUADEKOR PX or PV-w, PP for synthetic material
AQUADEKOR PORE for pore effects
AQUADEKOR TOUCH for haptic effects

The advantages for you:
We have more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing printing inks.
We are independent of the decisions of a corporate group.
We take thought for the long term and therefore offer you planning reliability.
We are medium sized and down to earth.
We plan our developments together with our customers.
We have a network of cooperation partners.
We can save you time and money.

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